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Nutrition Wellness

Helping People Live Healthier Lives

Nutrition Coaching with Bianca Larson

Call or Text to schedule a FREE 15 minute discovery call. 


Meet Bianca

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Certified Personal Trainer

Hi! I'm Bianca.

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer as well as a former Yoga Teacher.  I have been working in the nutrition and fitness world since 2003 and began my career when I served in the US Air Force for 11 years.  I have a wonderful husband, 3 adorable kids and 2 lazy cats.  I have a passion for helping people find their health within their happiness. I don't believe in fad diets and believe that ALL foods can fit in a healthy and balanced way of eating.  Contact me today so we can make a plan TOGETHER that will help you reach you goals. 


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What I Specialize In


(Irritable Bowel)

Establish Eating Habits

Peri & Post




Personalized Nutrition Plans

Call or Text to schedule a FREE 15 minute  discovery call.  719~357~3298

Personalized Plan

I create a plan that is unique to YOU with YOUR input!

Custom built around your specific tastes, preferences, and lifestyle.

Expert Coaching

I coach you via scheduled sessions to keep you motivated and on track toward your goals.

Quick questions can be answered via client portal as needed

Compliance Monitoring

I hold you accountable to the plan through food journaling and routine check-ins. Sounds harsh but it works!

Here’s how it works:

Learning my IBS trigger foods has been life changing! I have never felt better. 

- Debrah

I am excited to have the skills to prepare healthy meals for my family. Even my kids will eat them!

- Jill

I was finally able to get my food and fitness in check and lose those last few pounds.

- Kennedy

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